Experience and Innovation

Since 1961 Calloni Srl has been designing, producing and distributing high quality equipment for roofing and waterproofing professionals, with a wealth of experience, technical skills and specific knowledge that have been acquired on the markets worldwide. Each product is designed and manufactured in accordance with the specific needs of each market and each user.

For this purpose, we have been working together with our clients for over 50 years to continue to improve the performance of our equipment, so that the users can aim for excellence and work in the best possible conditions, quickly and in a safe way.

Our own flexibility in the relationship with the customer fosters a constant innovation and the development of new products with different types of material. This enables us to meet the requirements of the more and more careful and demanding customers.

Our passion and enthusiasm for a constant improvement and a strong will to excel led our company to combine experience and innovation, starting from the choice of high-quality raw materials to the utmost care and attention given to the final product. Thanks to this kind of approach, over the years, Calloni has become synonymous with quality, acknowledged by the market, with safety of the work process and reliability of the products.

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